Getting Started

What is Vibe?

Vibe is a digital publishing platform that makes it easy to create engaging content, publish it on an in-app dedicated feed, and capture the attention of your target audience through push notifications.

Vibe consists of two parts: the article feed (accessible on the iOS/Android mobile app) and the web tool used for publishing articles (mobile and desktop friendly.)

Can I try Vibe out?

Yes! To experience the Vibe mobile app, check out

How do I get Vibe for my organization?

It's easy! Just send us a request at Once we receive your request, we`ll create a channel for your company and invite you as an owner. You'll get all the information you'll need in an email once your channel is up and running.

How do I start using Vibe?

Once you receive an invitation email, finish your registration and log into the Publisher web tool ( Also, don’t forget to download the Vibe mobile app.

Where do I download the Vibe app?

You can either download Vibe directly from the App Store/Google Play (search for "") or by visiting

Can I customize Vibe based on my organization’s needs?

Before you start publishing, there are a few ways you can customize your Vibe feed:

  • To brand your Vibe channel and app Splash screen with your company logo, go to Publisher Settings > Customize Vibe and upload your company logo.
  • To select article reactions, which allow your readers to interact on your published content, go to Publisher Settings > Customize Vibe to choose from preselected emojis and create your own labels.
  • Before you publish your first article, create article categories. You can find article categories at Publisher Settings > Manage Categories. After that, whenever you publish an article, select an option from the list of categories that you've created.

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