How do I publish an article?

From Homepage, click the Write New Article option. On the next screen, create a title for your article and upload a cover image. After that, you can write a short into, then add text, images, or videos to your Vibe post. To add multimedia, just click the plus (+) icon and choose the type of content you'd like to add.

(Note: The minimum requirements for publishing a post is a title and cover image, but depending on what you're trying to do, you'll probably want to add more.)

To see a preview on your desktop of what your Vibe post will look like on a mobile device once it's published, check the preview feature on the right side of the Publisher screen. You can switch the preview between feed, article detail, and notification view.

Once your article is ready to go out into the world, click "Continue." On the next screen, pick your article's categories and create a custom push notification to let your readers know you have new content. Lastly, choose whether you want to publish your Vibe now, or schedule it for later.

How do I invite readers to my Vibe channel?

Vibe channels are invite-only, so once your channel is up and running, you'll need to invite your readers to join your feed. In Publisher, go to Settings > Manage Users > Invite user.

If you want to invite multiple at once, just separate their email addresses with a comma.

(Note: If you'd like to invite more publishers to your channel, that can be done here as well.)

How do I send a push notification to my readers?

You can create your own customized push notification of up to 104 characters and push them out to your readers. Notifications can be linked to an article so that you can announce new content to your readers, or they can be used as just a way to draw readers into your feed. You have the option of pushing out a notification right then or scheduling it to send later.

Can I analyze user activity?

Absolutely. Vibe's Stats feature allows you to see all kinds of user behavior, like how many people viewed your post or how they reacted with emojis.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you can even see things like when readers are most active, when they open the app and read the articles organically, or whether a push notification captured their attention.

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